Curriculum Vitae


    Submitted papers (under peer-review)
  • C. Riedel, V. Schlindwein (2009) Did the 1999 earthquake swarm on Gakkel Ridge open a volcanic conduit ? - a detailed teleseismic data analysis, submitted to Journal of Seismology
  • C. Riedel, A. Tryggvason, D. Silveira, M. Escuer, N. Wallenstein (2009) A three-dimensional vp and vs local earthquake tomography of Sao Miguel island / Azores, submitted to Geophysical Journal International
  • V. Schlindwein, C. Riedel (2008) The 1999 - 2001 explosive volcanic episode on Gakkel ridge, Arctic Ocean reconstruction of the volcanic events from multidisciplinary observations, G-cubed, in review
    Public outreach
  • C. Sesin, C. Riedel (2004) Die erste Sintflut, GEOkompakt, 1, 72-75
  • C. Riedel, J. auf dem Kampe, (2004) Die Drift der Kontinente, GEOkompakt, 1, 76-85
  • C. Riedel, M. Schmidt (2000) Plattentektonik und hydrothermale Zirkulation, Der blaue Ozean, exhibition guide, EXPO project at the Norway Quay, Kiel, Germany